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  1. questionAbout surveyon/How to participate

    × surveyon is a website, where members can answer and earn points for completing surveys, if they sign up. These points can be exchanged for various things, e.g. Cash via PayPal. It also gives members the possibility to voice their opinion to companies who send surveys on surveyon.
  2. questionI redeemed my Points, but until now I did not receive anything

    × 1. Paypal exchange usually takes between 7 to 10 days until the payment is sent your PayPal account registered in surveyon. Please make sure not to make any typing mistake, when registering your PayPal account. Otherwise we are not able to process it. 2. Voucher Exchanges are processed every month between the 3rd and the 10th. All Vouchers you requested in the previous month will be sent in this time period as stated in the Point Exchange.
  3. questionI don't receive any/many surveys

    × We try to sent as many surveys as possible. However we do not guarantee that there will be a survey everyday. Sometimes it may take 3 days or even one week. You can increase your chances by completing all profiling surveys and also agreeing to get surveys from our Partners.
  4. questionI participated in a survey, but did not receive points

    × Depending on the survey the reward time for completion points differ. It is usually stated at the start or end of each survey, so please read the introduction carefully before answering a survey. If you completed one survey, but did not receive points in the stated time period, please inquire with our support team and let them know the number of the survey. Without the survey number it is not possible to inevstigate. You can find it in the survey invitation you receive or, if still appeared, in your Survey List.
  5. questionAbout Lucky Survey

    × We offer Lucky survey through our partners. We call them "Lucky" because they have a really short running time and are sent to many users at once. So if you can participate in one of the surveys you are "Lucky", but often there may already be no survey, when you try to answer.
  6. questionI cannot login/forgot my Password

    × In case you forgot your Password please reset it. You can find the link on the Login Page. If you try to login your account, but are shown some kind of message or strange page, please inquire with our support team and describe the issue as detailed as possible.
  7. questionHow can I check the amount of points I received for answering a survey?/How do I know how many points I have?

    × In your Point History you can check how many points you received for which survey. At the top of the page you can check your Total Points, which are displayed in either red or green.
  8. questionHow can I reset my registered information? (PayPal Address, Phone Number, Current country, etc.)

    × In case you want to change one information in your account, which you cannot do yourself, please inquire with our support team. They will reset your information, and then you can register new.
  9. questionHow to redeem/exchange points?

    × When you have enough Points you can exchange them in the Point Exchange for one of the available options. For each exchange a minimum amount of points is necessary, which you can check also on the Point Exchange Page.
  10. questionCan I invite friends? Do you have an invitation/referral service?

    × Currently we do not provide a friends invitation service, however we have plan to do so in the future. We hope for your patience until then.
  11. questionWhile responding a survey I closed the window/I encountered an issue/bad internet connection

    × Sometimes there may be an issue while answering a survey. If this happens please immediately contact support team, and let them know the issue and survey number. If possible a screenshot of the problem is also always appreciated. If however you started a survey, but stopped in between yourself, generally you cannot participate in the survey again. So please try to answer survey only when you have enough time and a stable internet connection.
  12. questionAfter I registered an account I have to confirm my Email. However I have not received an Email until now.

    × An email will usually be sent to your registered address within one hour after requesting. Please also check your Spam or Junk Folder, as it may have been sent there. In that case please follow the steps in the mail, to add our mails to your safe sender list. If, after 24hours, you still have not received a confirmation email please try to register again and carefully enter your email address. As long as you have not confirmed your email your account on surveyon, it will not be activated.
  13. questionHow can I cancel the membership?

    × Please do it yourself on Once you cancel the memberhship, all of your accumulated points will be terminated and in case you still have outstanding Point Exchanges, they will not be processed. Thus, please apply cancellation upon proper consideration.
  14. questionHow do I report a Quickpoll or comment for abuse or spam?

    × If you see comments that aren't following our Community Guidelines, you can report them. To report a comment: 1. Click “Report” next to Quickpoll or Comment 2. Select an option and write reason for why the comment is abusive.
  15. questionI agreed to get GWI Survey, but still I did not receive the survey?

    × If you agreed to get GWI Survey, the number of surveys you get invited to must have increased, even if you haven't get survey named GWI Survey. Because title of GWI Survey is similar to survey number started from "r". But we choose the target respondents based on Cookie so we recommend you keep it Opt-in!
  16. questionAbout Account Protection

    1. To protect your surveyon account, you can check the following:
    2. Change your password at least every three months.
    3. To create a strong password, please check the following:
      • Use small as well as capital letters
      • Use numbers and/or symbols
      • Do NOT include personal information like your birthday, name or information of persons close to you
      • Do NEVER reveal your password to anybody else. surveyon will never ask or request you to confirm your password with any human partner. All employees have neither access nor can edit your password. This information is only known by yourself.
      • Do not use common combinations like “ABC1234”, “MySchool9876” or other common logical combinations as these tend to be tried first by malicious persons and systems
      • Try to make your password look as random as possible. E.g.: kdls2&@073j,/”liaje
      • Every time you change your password make sure that no part of it resembles your former password in any way
    4. Make sure your email account is secure.
    5. Log out of surveyon, when you do not use it or use it on a shared computer.
    6. Run anti-virus software on your PC, to help you detect malicious software.
    7. Think before you click or download anything.
  17. questionAbout Partner Surveys

    1. If you have agreed to receive Partner Surveys, they will be sent to your survey list and the survey number will start with a “p”.
    2. These surveys are sent by partner online research companies.
    3. In order to receive Partner Surveys, you first must answer the agreement survey in your survey list.
    4. If you have declined to get Partner Survey before, you will not be able to join after.


If you can't solve your problem after you carefully read the FAQs above, please send us an inquiry. It can take 2-5 days for getting response from surveyon support team. We hope for your understanding.