Effective December 1, 2019

The main business of dataSpring Inc. and INTAGE SINGAPORE PTE, LTD. (hereafter collectively referred to as “Service Provider”) is implementing surveys. The Service Provider recognizes the social obligation the Service Provider bear and as so are giving our maximum priority to the protection of our customer's privacy. The Service Provider's way of thinking regarding policy is as follows. The Service Provider will faithfully handle all of our customers information along the following guidelines.

1. The definition of personal information

Personal information is all information such as a name, birthday, other identifiers and numbers given to individuals that can be used to identify an individual (using only this information will not allow for this identification but can be easily compared with other information to identify someone and so is included).

2. The collection, utilization and distribution of personal information

Personal information is collected only after making clear this firm's purpose of use for this information and the individual's consent. The Service Provider will handle this information in its most accurate and newest state and will handle it appropriately within the scope of our purpose of use. When supplying your personal information, please understand this purpose. Additionally, the supply of personal information to this Service Provider is optional. However, in the event that you choose not to disclose your personal information to this Service Provider, you may not be able to use all or parts of our service. This firm will not offer your personal information to third parties without your consent except as provided for in this Privacy Policy. We may disclose your personal information to third parties or affiliates with which we have written consignment agreements and that agree to treat it in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Additionally, in the case that laws or ordinances leaded to the request for this information and our manager in charge of personal information judges this request as justifiable, we are required to supply the personal information they request.

3. The use of cookies and AdID/IDFA

The Service Provider may collect information such as a customer's IP address, AdID/IDFA and cookie information (this refers to information contained within cookies) or information that can identify individual smart phone. The Service Provider uses this information for privacy protection, improvement of customer's convenience, distribution of surveys, statistical data acquisition, and sending behaviour targeting ads but does not use this information for any other purpose without the customer's consent. When using the service (this service is called "surveyon" and hereafter referred to as "this service") The Service Provider will send one or more cookies to your web browser (software used to browse websites) and get AdID/IDFA from your device . This AdID/IDFA and cookie is saved on the hard drive or memory of the customer's device. AdID/IDFA and Cookies are widely used for identifying customer's web browser so that we can provide the best possible service to customers and managing this service's questions. AdID/IDFA and Cookies contain no personal information or any information that is related to a customer's privacy. Customers can block AdID/IDFA and cookies by changing the settings on this service. but this will result in the customer not being able to use a portion of this service. And you can reset or clear AdID/IDFA at any time but if you are accepting to use AdID/IDFA and cookies again, this service can track you.

  1. The Service Provider also provide customers' AdID/IDFA and cookies to third party for the purpose of (i) the data analysis of our site, and (ii) sending behaviour targeting ads. The use of these AdID/IDFA and cookies is subject to the privacy policy of each third party company. The privacy policies of those third party companies are as follows:
    1. Google Inc. (Google Analytics) Privacy Policy: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/
      About Google Analytics: http://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/analytics/privacyoverview.html
    2. Brandscreen Privacy Policy: http://www.brandscreen.com/en/privacy/

4. Location

The Service Provider may collect location based IP address information for the purpose of calculating user country so The Service Provider can route a visitor to the correct country site. Customers may opt-out of location at any time by editing the setting by emailing us at support@surveyon.com

5. With regards to requests due to incidents and revisions

The Service Provider has established a management system and appointed a personal information manager to prevent incidents such as unauthorized access to as well as the loss, erasure, alteration or leakage of personal information as well as to ensure the best possible support in the rare case that such an incident occurs.

Additionally, starting with the entrance and exit from our offices, we have several security measures in place for our computer systems. In the event that an unforeseeable incident occurs, this Service Provider will use the emergency network in our company structure as well as counter-measure procedures to quickly find the origin and take the appropriate corrective actions.

6. Procedures for disclosures, corrections, deletions and suspensions of usage

When disclosures, corrections, deletions and suspensions of usage are requested through the assistance service by the subject of this information, this Service Provider will put into practice this request after checking with legal standards and commonly accepted ideas. Additionally, the subject of this personal information can disclose, correct and delete this personal information from this Service Provider's web site. Please confirm the following official statements based on the "Laws regarding the protection of personal information."

7. The official purpose of use for personal information.

The Service Provider's main business is the implementation of surveys through which we examine and acquire the awareness and state of the products and services offered by our members and then statistically process this information and our purpose of use is to offer this information to companies and organizations. The personal information we collect is, as a general rule, used as statistical information and this firm will not disclose any information that can be used to identify an individual.

Those who participate as the target groups for our surveys are required to register beforehand. This registration method requires that those who register clearly understand our purpose of use as per our personal information protection policy and that they themselves consent to this policy.

Those who participate as the target groups for the "surveyon" surveys are awarded points and when these points are exchanged, information related to these points is provided to The Service Provider the participants are exchanging their points with. For more information with regards to The Service Provider that these points can be traded with, please refer to the point exchange page.

8. Personal information in our possession

"Personal information in our possession" refers to personal information with which we have the authority to disclose, correct, supplement, delete, suspend the usage of, delete and suspend the supply to third parties of. The user may confirm, correct, supplement and delete the personal information in our possession on this firm's website. Those customers who cannot perform the previous actions on their personal information, please contact our firm's "Personal Information Inquiry Point of Contact." However, there are instances that we cannot agree to these requests due to the Personal Information Protection Law. In the event that a customer deletes their personal information, they may not be able to use all or part of this service. In the event that a customer's data is deleted due to a computer failure, other unforeseen event or human error, this firm may have this information backed up. No procedures can be done to confirm the nature of this backed up data.

9. Providing Personal Information to Third Party

As noted in Paragraph 2., this firm will not offer your personal information to third parties without your consent except as provided for in this Privacy Policy. However, there may be circumstances in which we are legally required to provide such information, even without your consent. These circumstances include, but may not be limited to:

  1. Getting your consent is difficult and this information is required to protect the life, health or property of the user.
  2. Getting your consent is difficult and this information is required for an improvement to public health or the promotion of a child's health.
  3. The firm must disclose this information to aid a government organization, local public body or a person who takes a similar position and decides the laws and gaining the approval of the user would hinder the operation of this organization.

10. Children's Privacy

Protecting the privacy of young children is especially important. Basically The Service Provider will not knowingly collect any information from any child less than 16 years old. Accordingly, The Service Provider stick to Applicable Laws and Codes pertaining to the protection of children’s privacy, including, without limitation, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 in the United States (as amended). There are instances in which people who have undergone membership registration are not acknowledged as a member when the following circumstances apply to them. Additionally, even if members who have been acknowledged and have accepted this agreement, if they are later found to have come under the following circumstances, they may have their membership retracted.

11. Contact with Personal Information

The Service Provider is aware of the importance of safely maintaining personal information and is taking all possible safety measures. Please contact the following contact point for dataSpring Inc. for any inquires.

The Service Provider's point of contact for inquires for personal information

  1. Address: dataSpring Bldg., 14-2, Sanbancho, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan 102-0075
  2. Privacy Contact: support+privacy@surveyon.com